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5 Fashion tips to stay warm and fab this winter

by Chloe DESIGNS May 26, 2016


  1. Ponchos for lazy days!

Have you ever been too lazy to mix and match your layers of clothing? Well ponchos know exactly how you feel and are here to solve this problem for you. You can wear anything inside, and instantly look fab once you top yourself off with a poncho. If you want to look extra fab, match it with any pair of jeans and some boots!



  1. Knitted Cardigans

There will always be those days wherein the temperature won’t always be consistently cold. For those days, it’s best to easily be able to keep cool and warm instantly, hence wear a cardigan and match it up with a scarf with a pop of colour




  1. Mix and Match colours and layers

Who says you can only mix and match colours during the warm weathers? Mixing and matching dark hued colours



  1. Dresses and boots

Just because the temperature has dropped, doesn’t mean you should ditch your dresses. Mix and match it with a pair of boots and voi la! Day time winter friendly outfit. If you still get cold, you can always top off your outfit with a cardigan.





  1. Dress in nude

Look elegant and sophisticated by matching nude colours with earthly tones. You’ll even stand out amongst the crowd of black outfits this winter! 

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